WEDNESDAY January 29, 2020 UPDATE

Overall the trails are in good shape.  Most of them were groomed in the past 72 hours.  As a reminder, there will be lots of vintage sleds on the State Forest trail on Saturday February 1st.  Check out our Vintage Event for more information.


FRIDAY January 17, 2020 UPDATE

The calm before the storm....  The trails are in good condition and it sounds like we will be getting some good snow over the next 24 hours.  Our plan is to start grooming Saturday night.


SATURDAY December 27, 2019 UPDATE

After a week of warm weather the trails are in poor shape.  Many swamps and creeks are no longer frozen.  Hopefully we will see some colder weather in the weeks to come.


MONDAY December 2, 2019 UPDATE

According to the calendar trails are open.  We are grooming the higher ground but staying away from all low ground due to open water.  Please ride with caution and respect land owners by staying on marked trails.