February 26, 2022 update-

All trails have been groomed except for the Milaca to Foley trail. Milaca to Foley trail will be groomed tonight. Enjoy the snow and ride safe!!


February 23,2022 update-

We got roughly 8" of snow the last couple of days. Groomer has been out today. And will be out periodically as much as possible before the weekend. Happy to report, finally, good riding conditions.


February 18, 2022 update-

We have got a little snow here and there, a few inches. Trails are rideable but not great around Milaca area, north end is decent riding. Hoping the snow hits us Monday-Wednesday. 


February 09, 2022 update-

Well with the above normal temps on Tuesday into Wednesday the trails have deteriorated to basically no snow condition around the Milaca area. North end of the trails up by the soo line may be ok.


January 22, 2022 update-

Not really anymore grooming done. Lost a little snow to warm weather early in week. Gained a heavy dusting last night. Could see a few inches in the next 24 hours. Trails are rideable but rough, low snow conditions.

January 7, 2022 update-

Milaca North to Wahkon-trail-groomed, good.

Four Brooks and Rum Shack Trail-groomed, good.

Milaca to Bock-groomed, good.

Milaca to Long siding-fair

Milaca to Foreston-groomed, good.

Foreston to Ronneby-fair

Ronneby to Foley-poor


All swamps and open areas are still rough, not a perfect amount of snow. Ronneby to Foley has a lot of plowed fields, so not good at all. 



January 2, 2022 update-

All trails were groomed in the past week. Four brooks is good condition. Rum Shack trail is fair. Milaca to Long siding fair. Milaca to Bock fair. Milaca north fair on south end good on north end. Milaca to Foley is groomed to Goodfellas bar but fair to poor condition, quit grooming at Goodfellas due to lack of snow in plowed fields. We have a good base now but need more snow.