The sense of freedom you get while riding a snowmobile over Minnesota's snow-covered lands and frozen lakes can be exhilarating.  Yet with that freedom comes responsibility.  Snowmobile riding can be a risky sport.  Before you ride, learn how to properly use all the mechanical controls and safety devices on your vehicle; read your owners manual; and most importantly, take a safety course before riding.

Certification required by law for residents born after December 31, 1976.

Youth Certification

ATTENTION: There are two options for Youth Snowmobile Safety certification. A ‘TRADITIONAL COURSE’ or an ‘ONLINE COURSE’. Both courses cover snowmobile safety, operation, and laws. You must complete one OR the other.


  • Youth ages 11-15

  • Meets two or more times

  • Eight hours minimum classroom

  • Includes a riding performance course

  • Lead by trained volunteer instructors

  • Certificate becomes valid at age 12

Contact the Minnesota  DNR to find a Traditional class in your area.  (888) 646-6367, (651) 296-6157, or (800) 366-8917, or email your name and address to 



  • Youth ages 11-15

  • Complete one of the online courses:

  •  (fee for the course is $29.95)

  • Student attends a one day class room review and riding performance course*

  • Lead by trained volunteer instructors

  • Certificate becomes valid at age 12

*Find a Field Day/Riding Performance Course

Adult Certification (ages 16 and up)

Minnesota requires snowmobile certification by law for anyone born after December 31, 1976. Adult snowmobile safety certification is for snowmobile operators age 16 and over.

  • Complete one of the online courses:

  • Or may complete a Youth Snowmobile Certification class

The adult course is designed to show the student the most common causes for snowmobile accidents in Minnesota, and how to avoid becoming an accident statistic. Upon successful completion of the Online Snowmobile Safety Course, the student will complete self-certification procedures to print their Snowmobile Certificate.

Safety & Training